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Madison West High SchoolHomes in the Madison WI West High School attendance area will be found in the Near West Madison neighborhoods, north to include Shorewood Hills and south along the Fish Hatchery corridor to include parts of the City of Fitchburg. West High is fed by Cherokee, Wright and Hamilton middle schools. West High is located at 30 Ash St., Madison, WI 53726-3995 and serves nearly 2000 students. The Department of Public Instruction report for West High indicates that the school "exceeds expectations."

West High Homes in Many Price Ranges

Good news for any family with high school-aged students. You have a choice of many nice homes in a broad range of price categories to choose from if you are looking for West High School homes for sale. The Near West neighborhoods are convenient to many of Madison's thriving shopping areas, parks, recreation facilities, hospitals and clinics. These are typically more mature neighborhoods as they represent the early expansion of the city on the West Side.

Shorewood Hills at one time sent students to a University High School but for the past many years has been in the West High area. This City of Fitchburg has several school attendance areas but the northern part of the city is typically withing the West High attendance area.