Madison Condos and Townhomes for Sale

If you like the whole concept of Condo living from no snow to shovel or grass to mow then here's your ticket to freedom.

Recently Listed Condos and Townhomes in Madison.


Find All the Madison Area Condos and Townhomes

The Marina in Madison WIMadison condos and townhomes come in all sizes and are located all over the Madison metro area. As a result of Madison's former IZ program, condos and townhouses are included in many of Madison's newer subdivision on both the East and West sides as well as the surrounding metro area.

Condo and Townhomes Offer Owners Many of the Same Benefits of Home Ownership

Owning a condo or townhouse provides many of the same benefits that traditional home ownership does with respect to property taxes and mortgage interest, but for certain owners, condos and townhomes provide additional benefits such as little or no external maintenance requirements, no lawns to mow and no snow to shovel from this site. You can also the close the door and travel knowing that your home is secure without typically making any additional arrangements.

Condos and townhomes also typically have common areas to meet and mingle with your neighbors, enjoy common amenities like indoor parking,  swimming pools, tennis courts, exercise facilities as well as  outdoor and indoor recreation facilities. These things make condo and townhome living a full and enriching experience, and often times more convenient than owning an individual single-family residence.

From High Rise to Stand-Alone, Condos and Townhomes Come in all Configurations

Madison and the surrounding metro area offers condo and townhome configurations that will satisfy most every requirement. From high-rise buildings like Cap West and the Metropolitian to townhomes like are included in the Nolen Shore complex to incredible stand-alone units like you can find in Hawks Landing to lovely condo duplexes, popular in areas like Hawks Woods…the Madison area will have the type of condo or townhome you are looking for.