Little Houses in Madison WI

Size always matters but BIG isn’t the only way to go. These “little homes” may be just the ticket for you. A great alternative to a condo.
These great little houses have recently come on the market in the Madison area.

More of Madison’s small homes for sale.

Madison Small housesNot everyone wants a great big house. Small homes are easier to maintain, have lower property taxes and don’t have a lot of rooms you never use. These mighty little houses often have multiple bedrooms and finished space in the lower level. Some of these Madison properties are little “jewel boxes” and others are just efficient little places to live.

Little Houses in Madison are a Great Alternative to a Condo!

If the idea of a small home in the Madison area appeals to you, you will find that you have a pretty good selection in a variety of price ranges. These homes are frequently a great alternative to living in a condo for people who would prefer to have their own places and their own yards. One area in particular is famous for its small homes and that is Sunset Village on Madison’s near west side.

Otherwise, most of Madison’s older neighborhoods on both the East and West Side will have small houses that will fit your budget and your needs.

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