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Madison East HighHomes in the Madison WI East High School attendance area are located from the Capitol Square into Northeast Madison including Maple Bluff. East High is fed by Black Hawk, O'Keeffe and Sherman middle schools. Neighborhoods that would attend East High include Cherokee Park, Lapham-Tenney, Elmside, Lake Park, Willow Park, and Crescent Oaks to name a few. East High is located at 2222 East Washington Ave, Madison, WI 53704-5295 and serves over 1,600 students. The Department of Public Instruction report for East High indicates that the school “meets few expectations,” but a concerted effort is under way to significantly improve these scores.


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Homes on Madison's East Side tend to be a little less expensive than homes on the West Side so affordability is definitely a factor and tends to make homes in the Madison East High area a value buy for homeowners cialis hinta. In fact the median price of East Side homes is around $172,000 where as the median price on the West Side is $255,000. There is no doubt but what your home-buying dollar will go further on Madison's East side. But just like the West Side, Madison's East Side has many great shopping centers, abundant parks, easy access to health and wellness centers and more. Homes in the East High attendance area are well worth your exploration.