Downtown Monona View Lakeshore Condos

Four downtown Madison lake shore condos offer spectacular Lake Monona views.

These great lake-view condos have recently been listed for sale.

More incredible lake-view condos on the Madison Isthmus shore of Lake Monona.

Nolen Shore CondominiumsAlong the shoreline of Madison’s beautiful Lake Monona, four condo projects offer units with spectacular views of the lake. The smallest building, at three stories, is the Doty School condominium at the Monona Bay end of the Isthmus. This building offers several units with lake views, but of course because it is only  three stories high, many of the views include trees in the vista. Moving northeast along the Lake Monona shoreline the next building we come to will be Nolen Shore (pictured left). Nolen Shore, with its distinctive blue coloring,  is situated in such a way as to offer many units that have unobstructed views of Lake Monona.

Further north east is the Marina. A shiny silver, multistory tower, the Marina is also situated in such a way as to afford as many units as possible a very lovely view of the lake. Last on our string of pearls is Union Transfer. Like Doty School, Union Transfer is a condo conversion that offers units on the lake side with excellent lake views. Originally a shipping transfer building, Union Transfer offers many units with exposed duct-work and very high ceilings, as well as the more conventional configurations.

Not Just Lake Views but Bonus City Views as Well.

As incredible as the Lake Monona and Monona Bay views are, many of the units, especially in the three high-rise buildings, offer multiple views from multiple rooms and some have both  Capitol and/or City views as well. One thing you can definitely say for sure is these Lake Monona lake shore condos will give you fabulous views from many perspectives and the incredible convenience of living downtown.

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If you love the lake and want to wake up every morning to the peaceful tranquility of Madison’s second largest lake, you are going to be delighted with the selection of lake-view condos Madison has in store for you! Contact us today and we can get busy finding your new lake-view condo today.