Dane Co Homes with Deeded Access

Deeded Access homes allow you to have access to the lake without paying for the lakefront exposure. It is a cost effective alternative worth exploring.
These great homes with deeded access to the water have recently been listed in Dane County WI.

More deeded-access homes in Dane County WI.

deeded access pierYou don't have to have a home directly on the lakes to have access to the water https://australianpharmall.com/viagra-australia/. A neat feature called "deeded access" typically guarantees your access to the lake through a community-owned pier, boat landing or beach. A group of homes each has their access to the water stipulated in their deed and when the home is sold the access goes with the house. These homes are normally less expensive than the same home would be if it had direct water frontage. If you love the water and want to ensure your unencumbered access to it even if you live a block or more from the shore, deeded access may be for you!

Deeded Access Homes in Dane County have Several Benefits

When you live directly on the waterfront, you inherit some additional responsibilities as well as restrictions that don't affect homeowners that aren't right on the shoreline. There are mandatory set-backs as well as regulations that determine the size of piers, shoreline preservation ordinances and other factors that can affect how you use your property. Now for the most part, these regulations are not onerous as lots of people live in harmony with the rules with their lakefront homes. However; if just having guaranteed access to the lake is your primary concern, then deeded access may be exactly what you are looking for.

Nelson & Associates Realtors can help You find the Perfect Deeded Access Home in Dane County

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