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Cheap homes in MadisonMaybe the median price of a home in sold in Madison is $223,000, but that doesn't mean you have to pony-up that kind of money to buy a house. Sometimes statistics can be very deceiving. A median may be a term that is useless to most of us but what it is referring to is the price where there are as many homes sold for more as there are homes sold for less. That means there are a whole bunch of homes that sold for less than $223,000 and of those, a whole bunch that sold for someplace between $80,000 and $150,000. Bottom line: there area a lot of cheap homes people can afford to buy in Madison.

Cheap Doesn't Mean Undesirable

Certainly the word "cheap" can conjure up notions of poorly built homes that no one would want to live in. But that's not the case. Usually what makes a home less expensive is that it is older and often a little smaller than homes closer to and above the median price. But older and smaller doesn't equate to crumby. On Madison's West Side, you will find homes in this price range in neighborhoods like Arbor Hills, Orchard Ridge, Burr Oaks, Mohawk Park and Meadowood to name a few. On Madison's East Side, neighborhoods you will want to explore include Acewood, Eastmorland, Berkeley, Glendale, Clyde A. Gallagher and Lake View Meadows.

Homes on Madison's West Side average about 10 years newer ( 51 years vs. 60 years) and 90 square feet larger (1327 SqFt vs. 1237 SqFt) than on Madison's East Side. But as you can see there is not a great deal of difference so location and convenience are probably the major drivers.

Finally, if this price range is definitely in the cards for you, then you are in luck because there is a very nice selection of homes for you to choose from! Compare what you would pay in mortgage payments to what you are currently paying in rent. The old saying is, "Everyone is buying someone a house." Renters are buying a house for their landlord. Homeowners are buying a house for themselves!