Stone & Brick Homes of Madison WI

Like the substantial feel of a brick or stone home? The big bad wolf and huff and puff all he wants but he'll have no effect on these incredible homes.
Feast your eyes on these recently listed Madison Area Stone and Brick Homes.

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Madison Area Brick and Stone Homes for SaleWho doesn't like the massive, solid feeling of a brick or stone home. Very low maintenance, highly resistant to wind and weather. A masonry home in Madison WI looks anything but temporary and you will always come home to something that looks and feels substantial. Of course, they've been building masonry buildings for thousands of years. Just look at Egypt's pyramids: you want to talk durability?

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We wanted to give you the best representation of substantially brick and stone homes so we set the minimum dollar value at $350,000. This will help to weed out homes that aren't really primarily masonry and will skip over as many of those that just have a little stone or brick feature out front as possible…still a few are bound to sneak in. What we were going for here is what you most likely imagine when you imagine a brick or stone home in Madison.

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