Seminole Hills Estates, Fitchburg, WI

Here’s what is currently active in Fitchburg’s prestigious Seminole Hills Estates.

Seminole HillsBeautiful winding avenues, stunning homes, incredible landscapes all await you in Fitchburg’s celebrated Seminole Hills Estates. Make no mistake, Seminole Hills and Seminole Hills Estates are very much the same subdivision even though “Estates” didn’t make it to the sign-builder. Oops!

The one thing that is certainly not a mistake are the great homes you will find here. Seminole Hills by any name means quality executive homes. If you are looking for quality and elegance, then you need not look further. Be sure to check to see which school district the home you are looking at is in. Some homes are in the Verona Area school district and others are not. So if the school district is important to you it is best to check first.



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