Prairie and Craftsman Homes of Middleton Hills

Prairie Style and Craftsman Style homes are all the rage in Middleton Hills. You won't want to miss these wonderful homes.
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Prairie and Craftsman Style HomesMiddleton Hills is a Middleton WI planned subdivision that features beautiful homes in the Prairie and Craftsman style. Visually, Middleton Hills is a stunning neighborhood with broad, low-traffic streets and a surprising diversity of architecture that squarely reflects these two great traditions. With its multiple parks and playgrounds, it is a family friendly neighborhood that you will certainly enjoy.

Middleton Hills currently has over 400 single-family residences and is an excellent example of the melding of homes, condos, apartments and retail spaces into a very coordinated urban setting.

Middleton Hills Proves that a Little of Everything is a Wonderful Way to Go

What makes Middleton Hills so different from other neighborhoods is more than just having a consistent architectural motif. Because Middleton Hills is a planned neighborhood, many of the elements that typically grow up after the fact in older subdivisions, like the location of the shopping areas, facilities and parks, were planned for from the start. So everything is convenient without being crowded. Now, as the landscapes mature and the trees grow, Middleton Hills is becoming exactly what its planners envisioned… a paradise neighborhood on Middleton's northeast side.

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